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-**#GetaHead #​EatYourCake** 
-[[SCHEDULE |Time tba]] 
-The Faces mailing list launched in 1997 as a pragmatic response to the needs of a small but growing number of women in media - the question "where are the women?"​ and the desire to find out what women do with new media defined a gap in existing technological structures and developments. This exposes how gendered constructions come into play as visions for the future are conceived and evolving non-human actors are systematized. But to what end: how do techno-utopic dreams translate into lived realities and for who? Artists, programmers,​ theorists, designers, curators, activists, Djs, & other digital workers are invited to celebrate 20 years of Faces. 
-**Panel discussion, From C to X in the Post City**: networked feminisms, explores the theories and practices of cyberfeminism,​ xenofeminism and feminist critiques of technology - WIth: Virginia Barrett (VNS Matrix), Annie Goh, Helen Hester (Laboria Cuboniks - cancelled), Alla Mitrofanova 
-[[https://​youtu.be/​VKG0yXWDIq8|TO PANEL DISCUSSION]] ​ 
-The FACES community is administrated and maintained by Diana McCarty, Kathy Rae Huffman, Us(c)hi Reiter and Valie Djordjevic. Since 2002 the Faces mailing list and website are hosted by servus.at, a non commercial cultural backbone in Linz. FACES: gender, technology, art. http://​faces-l.net 
-The FACES network celebrates its 20th anniversary in Cooperation with Stadtwerkstatt. ​ STWST48x3 in cooperation with servus.at. Diana McCarty & Us(c)hi Reiter with servus.at