The Robot is present
WORKSHOP / Fr + Sa, 16-01 h

The group H.A.U.S. inverts the performance The Artist is Present by Marina Abramović. A humanoid robot from serial production is present. Visitors are faced with the potential A.I. to view the presence of simulated life and automated intelligence. Is presence only directly noticeable or technically producible? If the presence of creatures is not simulated, what will be present? A second work shows autonomous, architectural robots, which act as self-created adaptive space modules, so-called bAms. Both works deal with questions of human as well as non-human presence in A.I. and their technical (re) producibility. This work was invited by STWST / Quasikunst to represent questions after the culturation of robotics and artificial embodied agents.

H.A.U.S. are Oliver Schürer, Christoph Hubatschke, Christoph Müller, Matthias Hirschmanner, Clara Haider, Christina Tsiourti. H.A.U.S. have been researching the culturalization of humanoid robotics since 2015 and are working in artistic and scientific contexts and in various cooperative ventures, such as in autumn 2017 at the festival “Vermögen, the future of demonstration”.
This text about the project was publishes in the Versorgerin # 115: The Artist, the Robot