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-**Iceberg / The Entity – 48 Hours Meltdown** 
-[[SCHEDULE |Workshop / Fr + Sa, 16-01 h]] 
-Ice means negative entropy and can be taken as a statement against cultural leveling. An Iceberg almost literally describes the substance beneath a surface and, in the sense of a melting global ice landscape, it carries the dramatic and most obvious ecological connotations. Ice as a material symbolizes also the cold blind spot of IT and AI: the necessity of permanent cooling the data systems against overheating/​meltdown - with a steady increase of the data quantities. With the symbolic presence of these contexts, the ice block becomes an actor on his own, who has already risen to a specific size (respectively an entity). This entitiy represents not only its own presence per se, but also refers to the general unavailability of the systems. Ice is a frozen state in the sense of greater inaccessibility - both in the systemic sense and in a specifically spatially inaccessible territory. The work is carried out with the most obvious and material aspects of the material ice – as a 48 hours meltdown. 
-**Tanja Brandmayr** worked for many years and in different contexts between text, staging and art. In the past, performative stage works. In recent years, coming back to textually-performative works and advanced art formats. Ongoing format in Koop with Stadtwerkstatt:​ The work term Quasikunst. Recent Projects of Quasikunst: „The Biomechanical Ballet, or: I Like Trees and Human Rights“ and „Fog Ballet“.  ​ 
-In addition, editor and cultural journalist for arts and culture magazines: “Die Referentin” and “Versorgerin”. Lives in Linz/​Austria. 
-http://​brandjung.servus.at/,​ http://​www.quasikunst.at/,​ http://​diereferentin.servus.at/,​ http://​versorgerin.stwst.at/​