Under the slogan MIND LESS, STWST48x3, the third edition of STWST48, offers a 48-hour showcase-art-extravanganza of the expanding kind. Mindless information, open states of mind, an infolab in opposite to new media, quasi-coordinates of extended contexts, funky fungis, digital physics and a Meltdown Totale: STWST48x3 MIND LESS is addressing new art contexts that have been developed in and around the Stadtwerkstatt Linz in recent years. Watch out: MIND LESS Stadtwerkstatt is also in 2017 under the directive of New Art Contexts and autonomous structures.

Stadtwerkstatt means art, club and autonomous structure since 1979. Currently, the Stadtwerkstatt is active in the areas of New Art Contexts, operates a club and the Cafe Strom, media channels such as the print Versorgerin and other art and discourse formats.


Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine:As an extension, the Danube area opens up to the Salonschiff Florentine, and the whole area will be branded under 4040 LOWER EAST SITE in September for the first time. As a cooperation of STWST and Salonschiff Florentine: MIND LESS and THE MISSED SEAMISSESKISSES BAY. In Cooperation with the netculture initiative, which is also working in Stadtwerkstatt, there will be a celebration of FACES: gender, technology, art. Diana McCarty, Ushi Reiter.

Ars Electronica: STWST48x3 in Cooperation with ARS ELECTRONICA

Media Partners

STWST48x3 is accompanied by Versorgerin #115 (online from Sept 1th)
STWST48x3 is accompanied by Radio FRO: Victoria Windtner and Michael Diesenreither are reporting. Main Time: Sa, Sept 9th, 14-21 Uhr
Radio FRO will also present their Station at STWST48x3.
This was the stand of Radio FRO:

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