STWST48x3 - 48 Hours MIND LESS

STWST48x3 MIND LESS is addressing new art contexts that have been developed in and around the Stadtwerkstatt Linz in recent years: INFOLAB is an information concept fundamentally based in aspects of irrationality. The MYCELIUM NETWORK SOCIETY shows communication projects around the basic potentials of fungi and mycelia - developed during the Stadtwerkstatt summer residencies on the survey vessel Eleonore. The art and context research QUASIKUNST stages a 48-hour meltdown of selected art, technology and robotic coordinates. In the Stadtwerkstatt the FACES network celebrates its 20th anniversary & #GetaHead #EatYourCake. In a mix of migrating kitchens, traveling cinema and art agents, these projects also play the public place of the outdoor Maindeck: CINE TRAKTORI, the wild_chive_lab and LOCATION id HoME. On the neighboring Danube the MEME project travels from Athens to Linz and offers drinks and hot facts directly from the borders of Europe. And as an extension, the Danube area opens up to the Salonschiff Florentine, and the whole area will be branded under 4040 LOWER EAST SITE in September for the first time. Watch out: Mind Less Stadtwerkstatt is also in 2017 under the directive of New Art Contexts and autonomous structures. And also mindless: MindA TRIBUTE TO ARMIN and Mind MORE nightlife in the STWST CLUB and the STWST homebase CAFE STROM.
Stadtwerkstatt is inviting to Guided Tours.

STWST48x3 is a project of Stadtwerkstatt and includes the art projects: INFOLAB: Franz Xaver, taro, Servando Barreiro. MYCELIUM NETWORK SOCIETY, projects by: Servando Barreiro, Azucena Sanchez, Callum Caplan. MYCELIUM NETWORK SOCIETY curated by Shu Lea Cheang, taro, Franz Xaver. MYCELIUM NETWORK SOCIETY in association with Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana and CycleX in Andes, New York. MYCELIUM NETWORK SOCIETY-Support from Messschiff Eleonore, Verein QUASIKUNST: Tanja Brandmayr. QUASIKUNST projects: Oliver Schürer, Christoph Müller, Christoph Hubatschke, Matthias Hirschmanner, Clara Haider, Christina Tsiourti (H.A.U.S.), Lisa Spalt, Tanja Brandmayr. LOCATION id HoME: Shu Lea Cheang. CINE TRAKTORI: Kollektiv Traktori. KUNSTLABOR: Christine Pavlic, Christoph Ebner. MEME: skywalker e.V. by Stefa Farkashazy, Robinson Stärk, Nani Cooper. A TRIBUTE TO ARMIN with friends of Armin Medosch. Club STWST48x3 curated by Felix Vierlinger. Club host: Patrik Huber.

It is a special pleasure for us to point out the cooperations with the free radio station Radio FRO and also the netculture initiative, both are also working in Stadtwerkstatt: STWST48x3 in cooperation with Radio FRO and FACES: gender, technology, art, Diana McCarty, Ushi Reiter.

4040 LOWER EAST SITE - a project for urban expansion in cooperation with Salonschiff Florentine.

Crew STWST48x3:
Franz Xaver, Felix Vierlinger, taro, Christine Pavlic, Jörg Parnreiter, Nathanael-Antu Jenny, Andreas Heißl, Christoph Ebner, Shu Lea Cheang, Tanja Brandmayr, Michael Aschauer.
Graphic Design: Ortner&Schinko