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-**Mycelium Network Society** ​ 
-[[SCHEDULE |Foyer / 48 Hours Continuous]] 
-For several years, Stadtwerkstatt has been working with fungi and mycelium - as part of the Infolab, where other types of communication and information processing are concerned. The Residency series, Mycelium Network Society, is part of the Infolab and was curated this year by taro, Shu Lea Cheang and Franz Xaver. ​ 
-Three Artists were invited for the [[ https://​newcontext.stwst.at/​en:​projects:​air:​mycelium_network_society:​start| MNC-Summer-Residencies]] on the Eleonore ship. The works will be presented at STWST48x3 MIND LESS. 
-[[https://​newcontext.stwst.at/​en:​projects:​air:​mycelium_network_society:​opencall | ABOUT MNC]] / [[https://​newcontext.stwst.at/​en:​projects:​air:​mycelium_network_society:​servando | THEMYCOS EXPERIENCE / SERVANDO BARREIRO]] / [[https://​newcontext.stwst.at/​en:​projects:​air:​mycelium_network_society:​azucena | BYNDELLE HYBRIDA / AZUCENA SANCHEZ]] / [[https://​newcontext.stwst.at/​en:​projects:​air:​mycelium_network_society:​callum | THE SHIP / CALLUM CAPLAN]] 
-[[https://​cba.fro.at/​348825/​embed|Radio FRO: Callum Caplan and Azucena Sanchez about their Artitst in Residence Project - ca. Min. 25]] 
-[[https://​cba.fro.at/​348825/​embed|Radio FRO: Servando Barreiro about his Artitst in Residence Project - ca. Min. 46]]