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-**MIND LESS - STWST48x3 CLUB Nights** 
-[[SCHEDULE | fr 8th + sa 9th, from 23 h / club]] 
-Mind more nightlife in the STWST CLUB and the STWST homebase CAFE STROM. 
-If artificial intelligence is responsible for the tracks of the future, if playlists are adapted by the digital tailor to the human mind, then it's time for something new. Mechanics squeak and rattle the rhythm of yesterday in the halls of tomorrow. And yet the machine has the power, inevitably, man vs. machine, and at all, everything! Or as Heinz von Förster says: „Never say, This is boring, I already know. This is the biggest disaster! Always say, I have no idea, I would like to experience it again." MIND LESS Club Nights curated by Felix Vierlinger. Mindless Patrik Huber is your experienced man-machine-host through the night.