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-**4040 LOWER EAST SITE** 
-[[SCHEDULE |STWST+FLORENTINE / 48 Hours Continuous]] 
-**STWST48x3 MIND LESS** and **THE MISSED SEAMISSESKISSES BAY** on Salonschiff Florentine. ​ 
-As an extension, the Danube area opens up to the Salonschiff Florentine, and the whole area will be branded under 4040 LOWER EAST SITE in September for the first time.  
-{{:​lower_east_site.mp4 |}} 
-LOWER EAST SITE is presenting from September 8th to 10th: [[http://​lowereastsite.com/​ | EXTRA SCHEDULE]] 
-**4040 LOWER EAST SITE** - a project for urban expansion, Stadtwerkstatt in cooperation with Salonschiff Florentine