Workshop / Fr + Sa, 16-01 h

Quasikunst is systemic-performative research, settled in the “New Art Contexts” of Stadtwerkstatt. It loosely refers to existing concepts such as quasi-objects and their extensive contexts. Quasikunst means systemic coordinates according to the special project, and means in general: underground in all directions, overlapping states, diffuse collectives, abstruse connections, other material, saying yes and no simultaneously. Or: Emphasis is given to new coordinates, dichotomies are juxtaposed with contradictions, contexts question more contexts. Quasikunst last year had addressed the disappearance of human actors. This year, non-human actors are discussed, as entities, systemic subjects, quasi-presences of nature and technology. It's all about the acceleration of contradiction, it's all about the whole.

Iceberg / The Entity – 48 Hours Meltdown Tanja Brandmayr Enter the Net – Get a Passport for the Cold Land Lisa Spalt The Robot is present H.A.U.S. Curation Quasikunst: Tanja Brandmayr

This text about Quasikunst and the project “Eisberg / The entity - 48 Hours Meltdown” was published in Versorgerin # 115: The Entity. More projects of Quasikunst in other contexts.